You're a coach or consultant who is great at what you do, but finding new clients and getting paid what you're worth is a struggle.

It's not your fault. The coaching and consulting industry is plagued with myths that keep coaches and consultants stuck in a cycle of feast or famine.

The Profit Alchemist can help. In this free 15 minute training, you'll learn the 9 superpowers for successful growth so you can finally achieve the freedom you desire.

What you will learn during this FREE training:


The time is now: Learn how the pandemic and an ever-growing thirst for knowledge means there has never been a better time for consultants and coaches to build a thriving business


The 9 Superpowers of Successful Growth: These key strategies when implemented can allow anyone who practices them to break free from their routine lives while achieving financial security or personal fulfilment


The problems you want to have: What kind of problems do you want to have? The ones that drag us down are more likely the result of a bad habit or something negative in our lives. But success brings its own problems these can lift us up and you should strive to reach them


This training is for you if you are a expert consultant or coach who wants:

  • To work less hours and enjoy more quality time
  • Higher quality clients who don't question you on price
  • To feel valued by your clients rather than feel like a necessary expense
  • Higher income that provides you a better quality of life


I help Ambitious Consultants & Coaches To Increase Their Income, Reclaim Their Time and Reduce Their Stress

Hi, I'm Ben Rendle – Founder of The Profit Alchemist.

I have spent the last 23 years helping multiple businesses across many different industries to increase their income and am now sharing my knowledge with you so you can achieve higher income whilst working fewer hours!

My path was not easy; from working with sole-operators like myself who started out with just an idea or two before turning them into profitable ventures—to entrepreneurs building multi-national companies worth millions - my experience has been everything that is great about business life: exciting yet satisfying successes punctuated by tough challenges (and sometimes failures).

There are lessons we can learn from every stage on this adventure as long as we are willing to invest in ourselves.

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